We've had a complaint recently. Feedback is important and we appreciate it immensely. Someone said I was just an overpriced aviation enthusiast. Transparency is also important to us so I thought I would share this with anyone interested and clear a couple of things up.

First of all I want to apologise, We're in no way trying to provide a brand that is just a money grab. I genuinely just wanted to provide a brand of value. Pricing was established to first and foremost not make it accessible to everyone. One of the reasons I don't like some of the more mainstream brands is because everyone is wearing them because of how easily accessible they are. Secondly, profit margins allow businesses the opportunity to grow. Lastly, putting together a brand takes a lot of work and investment that consumes a lot of time and energy. It's all good though, it's something I'm passionate about so I've literally put the prices down to production cost to allow more people access to the products. The true essence is to provide an actual brand that represents pilots in particular, so if reducing the price helps the cause, then I'm all for it.

As for being just an aviation enthusiast, does that mean I'm only a pilot fan boy? 🤔😂 This brand isn't about me, so I don't really want to personalise it. I also don't believe in hierarchy, so whether you're a Cessna driver or A380 captain, it shouldn't matter. In saying that though, I've just hit my 30's, have experience in a four seater single piston, four seater twin piston, nineteen seater twin turbine prop, fifty seater twin turbine prop and now a one hundred and eighty seater jet, so I'd say my experience is a bit more than just a fan boy. I'm also very blessed to be on a generous six figure salary, so I'm really not trying to take your money.

Hopefully that gives a little more perspective to who is behind the brand and the intentions we have.

If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm also open to help where I can for pilots trying to find their way through the industry, as I've been lucky and have a little insight in to what it takes ✌️

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