Behind The Pilot Club

If you're reading this blog, then you've probably come across our website, instagram, facebook or linkedin and may not even know what the brand is about, or what it represents.

So this post is to give you a bit of background information and answer some of those questions.

The Pilot Club is just a one man band at the moment in terms of the business side of things, being me, the author of this post. I plan on doing a seperate piece on it's own about my personal background, but I'm a pilot in New Zealand, where the brand is based out of.

I came up with the idea of giving people involved in the aviation industry our own brand or label. It's only natural as humans that we try align ourselves with an identity. I've come across so many different identity brands whether it be through fishing, combat sports, diesel automobiles, pets and so on, but I haven't really come across a complete brand for aviation. There is no actual aviation brand that represents us the way these others brands do for their respective identities. Of course I've seen the t-shirt here and there with a funny quote, or the coffee mug with an aircraft on it being sold to make a few bucks, but I'm talking about an actual authentic aviation brand incorporating the industry as a whole.

It really got me questioning as to why? We are very proud of our industry, and accomplishments within our industry. Being a pilot myself, I know the journey it's taken for me to be here and it's definitely something I pride myself on. Let's be honest, how many times are you hanging out with others in aviation and all you talk about is aviation? How does it feel to tell others that you are, for example a pilot? It's just in us, we love being a part of it and we love others to know we can do something that not everyone in the world can do. I felt like that gap needed to be filled and so the brand is built upon that premise of identity.

Our main focus for the brand is to provide apparel and accessories catered more to people involved in aviation. We aren't exclusively trying to be just for pilots as the name suggests, as we would love for it to outgrow the name one day, but it's definitely targeted more towards pilots for now in terms of our social media.

The kind of products we are looking to utilise with our brand is definitely clothing, being your typical apparel wear, keeping it quite modest and subtle, with quality being the main feature to our products. We also want to bring out practical things such as reusable coffee cups, drink thermoses and lanyards to name a few.

The last thing I want to touch on is our mission. The goal of The Pilot Club is to have a community type vibe, where it's not purely about apparel or even selling stuff. Through social media we want to bring aviation people together. I want to bring value in terms of having a space where you can go to get your aviation fix. A place where I give exposure to achievements and the people of our industry. I want to have a laugh about our industry and make sure there is entertainment, without taking ourselves too seriously.

So I hope that clears up a few things about who The Pilot Club is, and what the brand is about. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to do so down below, or contact us on our social media pages. Be sure to follow and share with friends too. Also if you like what The Pilot Club is about and want to get behind the brand, check out the apparel on the website.

Happy flying!


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